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Angel Bell Ornament

Angel Bell Ornament

From Billie Heisler Heisler's Creative Stitchery

Materials List

8" of 2" double layer lace or your choice of width and kind matching sewing thread

1" gold jingle bell

narrow ribbon or trim for hair, enough to make a bow

25 mm wood bead for the head

2 white feathers for the wings

acrylic paint - black and rose or red

size 10/0 paint brush

6" piece of sparklely chenille stem for the halo or gold cord

optional: more cord, ribbon, or trim to make a loop for hanging

hot glue gun or a thick craft glue

1 package of curly or wavy wool for the hair with directions in the package on how to use it

I used wool for these angel's hair but you can use anything you like. You will find directions for yarn curls in the hair section.

Putting the ornament Together

Please read the directions to familiarize yourself with the pattern before you begin.

1. Hand gather the top edge of the lace tightly. Overlap the cut edges and either sew or glue them together.

2. Sew the bell to the underside of the lace at the gathering stitches.

3. Sew or glue the wood bead on top of the lace over the gathering stitches.

You can either paint the face and then put the hair on or do the hair and then the face. Painting the Face- Please note that the blonde angel has her eyes and mouth open while the brown haired one has her eyes closed and has a simple curved line for a smile. Paint the face following the picture. First using the black paint the nose, the circle for the eye or the lash line, lashes and the brows. While that's drying go ahead and paint the mouth with the rose or red. The blonde angel has an open mouth so she will look like she's singing. It's just a small oval.

Putting the hair on-

If you are using the wool follow the directions in the package for whatever hairstyle you like. Another option is to use the same hairstyle that's shown on my free sachet doll pattern. She has cute yarn curls. You will need a metal knitting needle in size 1 or 2, and acrylic yarn. Here are the directions for that hairstyle. Wrap the yarn tightly and evenly around the knitting needle,wet it and bake at 250 degrees for about 20 minutes. Let it cool completely before removing it from the needle. Cut it in 1/2" - 1" pieces. Before gluing on the hair glue some fiberfill, cottonballs or even fabric scraps in the bead hole. Filling in the hole will make the hair go on easier. Glue the curls around the head, moving up for each layer. I glue some flat to the wood bead and let some stick out.

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