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Tatted Patriotic Heart Pin

Tatted Patriotic Heart Pin

Tatted Patriotic Heart Pin

From Billie Heisler Heisler's Creative Stitchery

Materials List

2 shuttles

Tatting thread of your choice

My choices were:

For the thumbnail on the main page I used Manuela size 20

For the 2 on this page I used DMC pearl cotton size 8

pin back or small gold safety pin

needle and thread to sew safety pin to back of heart

6" - 7" of 1/4" ribbon

Red and White Rows - All split rings Fill shuttle #1 with white and shuttle #2 with red.

Row 1 ring 1: #1 Shuttle 2-2, #2 Shuttle 4, cl. Repeat ring 1 for total of 5 rings. ring 6: #1 Shuttle 2-2, #2 shuttle 4-1, cl. Tie thread like you are tying a shoe lace. Judy Banashek calls this the shoe lace trick in her books. Leave a space of about 1/4" before starting next ring.

Row 2 ring 1: #2 shuttle 2+ (to white ring) 2, #1 shuttle 1-2-2, cl. ring 2: #2 shuttle 2+2, #1 shuttle 2-2, cl. Repeat ring 2 across. Repeat shoe lace trick.

Row 3 ring 1: #1 shuttle 2-2, #2 shuttle 2+2, cl. Repeat across for total of 5 rings. ring 6: #1 shuttle 2-2, #2 shuttle 2+2-1, cl. Repeat shoe lace trick Repeat rows 2 through 3 until you have 6 rows. Cut off shuttles and hide ends.

Blue Section 1- 1 shuttle with blue thread and ball If you look at the picture above, you will see 2 different hearts. The one with the ribbon has larger blue curves. The directions below are for this heart. To make the smaller curves replace the 3s in the chains with 2s, and the 4s in the rings with 3s.

Large Ring 4- (repeat for total of 4 picots) 4+ (to 3rd white ring) 4+ (to 4th white ring) 4, cl. Repeat shoe lace trick. Chain 1 3+ (to 5th white ring) 3+ (to 6th white ring) 3-3-3-3. RW Small Ring 1 4-4+ (to large ring's first picot) 4-4, cl. RW Chain 2 3-3-3-3. RW Small Ring 2 4+ (to small ring 1) 4+ (to large ring) 4-4, cl. RW Chain 3 3-3-3-3. RW Small Ring 3 4+ (to small ring 2) 4+ (to large ring) 4-4, cl. RW Chain 4 3-3-3-3---3+ (to 1st white ring) 3+ (to 2nd white ring) 3. Cut off threads and tie to last picot of large ring. Hide ends.

Blue section 2 Make it the same as section 1 with these changes:

1. Join to red and white picots at ends of rows instead of white ring picots.

2. Repeat Large Ring.

3. Chain 1 3+ 3+ 3+ (Instead of making the extra long picot, join to it) 3-3-3-3. RW

4. Repeat directions for small ring 1 through small ring 3.

5. Chain 4 3-3-3-3+ 3+ 3. Cut off and tie the same as section 1.

Finishing the Pin

1. If you want to stiffen your tatting mix 1 teaspoon of glue with 2 tablespoons of warm water. Stir until mixed very well. Dip your finished tatting into the glue mixture. Blot dry and lay flat to finish air drying.

2. Sew the pin to the back of the tatting. Tie the ribbon in a bow around the extra long picot.

All done! I hope you'll enjoy making and wearing this pin. You could tuck them in greeting cards. They do make great gifts!

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